Hiking Pack For a Week
Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week Hiking Pack For a Week

Hiking Pack For a Week
Everyday Use Pack

Regular Price: $156.00

Special Price $141.00

Checkout Black-Light Backpack in Detail
Checkout Tough State Pant in Detail
Checkout Everyday Use Gloves in Detail

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Regular Price: $156.00

Special Price $141.00


Black-Light Backpack

  • Ultra Lightweight (1100 Gr) as compare to its Volume (30 L)

  • Highly Expandable  (10 cm to 30 cm)

  • Pals System  (Bartacked Webbing)

  • Embossed Airvents Back Comfort

  • Slide Through Trolly System

Tough State Pant

  • Auto Adjustable Waist

  • Extended Crotch

  • Articulated Knees

  • Bartacked Loop with Keys Solution Loop

  • Expandable Pockets (Integrated with Magazine Slot)

  • Hidden Cash Slot

  • Dual  Zipper Pockets on Back

  • Knife Slot

Everyday Use Gloves

  • Skin Fit Freindly

  • Easy Movements

  • Firm Grip

  • Breathable & Safe

  • Smart Touch Tips

  • Designed to operate small objects

  • Quick On & Off 

Usage and Purpose

Black-Light Backpack

  • Survival & First Aid Pack                                

  • Hiking Pack for 3 days                                   View Example

  • Travel Backpack                                             View Example

  • Everyday Use Pack

  • Building Tactical Gear                                    

  • Camera Gear Ready                                     

  • Gaming and Tech Gear                                  

  • Packing Airsoft

Tough State Pant

  • Perfect Choice For Everyday Use

  • Particularly Designed For Hikers 

  • Bikers are highly Recomended to pick Tough State Pant 

Everyday Use Gloves

  • Mechanical Works

  • Multiple Precise Functions

  • Hiking

  • Hot Applications

  • Gardening Works

  • Heavy Lifing

  • Tactical Works

Build Quality

Black-Light Backpack

  • 100% Nylon PU Coated Lightweight Durable Fabric

  • Dimension: 50 x 30 x 28 cm

  • Ykk Zippers with Gripped Pullars

  • Nylon Webbing Molle System 
    Strong Enough to carry Heavy Weights (Tested)

  • Foamy Air Vented (Mesh) Shoulder Straps

  • Air Vented Back With Soft Foam Padded  

Tough State Pant

  • Nylon Ribstop Reinforced Fabric

  • Ykk® Antique Brass Zipper 

  • Metal Button with Alpinebear® Engraved

  • Durable Mesh Pockets 

Everyday Use Gloves

  • Neoprene 1.5mm

  • Synthetic Leather Palm

  • Adjustable Hook & Loop Closure

  • Touch Screen Leather on Finger Tips

Breif Details

Black-Light Backpack

Black-light is the only backpack that adapts to your everyday office routine, a shopping trip, college and adventurous days. Black-light backpack has amazing features including easy accessibility, expansion properties along with various compartments to keep your stuff organized. It offers a quick access, waterproof material, a massive capacity, sturdy belts as well as back support. Moreover, you can expand it by 10cm to 30cm any time you decide to load up. It is a perfect blend of chic and comfort as well as adversity.

Tough State Pant

Thanks to our R&D team, who helps us to identify the needs & wants of current Era.  With the help of their Research and Recommendations, we developed Tough State Pant.  Which is infact the great offering by Alpinebear® for Everyday Use Works, Hikers as well as Bikers.  The Auto Adjustable Waist, Extended Crotch & Articulated Knees doesn't feel the user to be sticked and stretched.

Everyday Use Gloves

Alpinebear® Everyday Use Glove (EUG) is made to observe mechanical tasks.  Complete neoprene back gives safety and comfort to hand with synthetic leather palm is durable and long lasting.  During work attrending phone calls at cellphone is made very easier by adding smart touch leather on finger tips to save time and avoid  problems.  Hook and Loop closure can hold glove at one place, by simply adjusting accordingly.

Best Lightweight Backpack For Hiking

Check out the Life with Black-Light Backpack

Check out the Life with Tough State Pant

Check out the Life with Everyday Use Gloves




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