Introducing countless features with a great comfort, Alpinebear® Travel Nest and Bird Nest are the best backpack to fulfil your requirements.

Nest is actually made by birds usually it contains tiny Branches of trees, where they lay their eggs but, in our backpacks, you might wonder why we have used this term? Our Nest Series consist of 2 main backpacks Travel Nest and Bird Nest, they are designed with Mesh Fabric all around, although nest is also seen through and breathable thing similar to mesh fabric, so we drove that name which can be spoken well and understandable. Featuring secret pockets, latest gadgets compatibility and a lot more to read below.

Core difference & Technical detail comparison

Bird and Travel nest has almost similar style, whereas in size Bird Nest is 23 Liters and is best backpack for everyday use, travel nest is 43 liters and is specifically Designed for urban travel or 3-day hike. Bird Nest has 1 main compartment with few quick access pockets on the exterior, exactly travel nest goes with similar construction too but few things have been added to travel nest to make user’s journey as much comfortable as possible. Travel Nest’s main compartment consist of an extra layer of zipper mesh, which can be used to store cloths and other user essentials separately, this part is also called luggage bowl in our company’s terms and this main compartment is made assessable by 2 sides, one side open complete 180 degree to organize cloths and other side open from the top to quickly access laptop and essentials kept separate from luggage bowl. Both backpacks have amazing design of air ventilation at back, soft padded foam not only provide you comfort but also circulates plenty of air at back. Please check below the images and diagrams with details and comparison side by side.

Colors & Quality

Nest backpacks are only released in 2 colors right now, black and 2-tone blue, later we may plan to release other colors too. Both backpacks are constructed with High Quality Rip-stop polyester fabric and Polyester Mesh, padded with soft protection on all useful places which give protection to all equipment stored inside. Lined with beautiful heather gray and charcoal color lining with improves visibility for users in dark environment. YKK® Zippers applied all over backpacks, with lockable options at multiple places and zippers are also installed with glove friendly pull cords. Backpacks are not waterproof but entire fabric used in making backpack is water and weatherproof, so it still protects your equipment against rain for a small period of time but in case you really want a weatherproof solution you can buy a separate case here.

Compatible Gadgets, features & pocket organizations

During the development of Bird Nest and Travel Nest Backpacks our first target was to make these backpacks compatible to all kind of latest tech. Not only gadgets are meant to keep inside compatible pockets, but these backpacks give you a hole new experience of organizing tech inside, below a GIF image explains how simple and easy steps can guide you to organize your wire management technology inside backpack. We provided 2 secret pockets totally hidden and unknown to anyone while you are on the move. Both backpack’s frontside has a tall mesh compartment, which we specifically designed for keeping fresh eatable items or wet applications such a sweating cloth, umbrella, and such items that contain moisture and need to be stored separately. Travel Nest is installed with a universal carry handle which help users to pull backpack from any 3 sides, especially while travelling in train and airplane this handle is very helpful and useful tool for travelers, whereas Birdnest is installed with a very soft padded neoprene handle, so when backpack is heavily loaded even then users can hold through long time without causing any problem to the hands. Travel Nest also has some great travel features, it comes with a removable waist belt whereas shoulder straps can be unbuckled and stored behind the ventilation part to easily check in as a baggage on the airport, although we do recommend putting a weatherproof cover before checking in for more additional safety of backpack. One of the unique and easy to use function that we provided inside this backpack was Velcro® sternum straps, which a push of a snap button it increases the level of grip. Below are some incredible images of both backpacks with detailed view of their features.



Travel Pack 3-7 Days


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