How to Pack a Backpack for Travelling, Hiking and Camping?

Going on a camping trip? Or planning hiking? Or feeling less adventurous and simply packing your bag and going traveling? Whatever you do and where ever you plan to go, all you need to keep in your mind is that the backpack that you are carrying holds your world in a summarized form.  The backpack needs to have all the necessities and the possible things that you may require in the emergencies. It is important that you have properly managed all the things that you require in your bag. The key requirements remain same for whenever you step out of your house, but there might be a few things that may differ and vary according to where you will be going.

How to pack a backpack for traveling?

Packing backpack for traveling can be quite difficult and may include endless lists and checklists. But you may also have the persisting fear that you are missing out on something. Having a perfect bag can help you feel organized and satisfied that there is nothing as such that you left out. The things that you surely need to keep in your backpack when you are traveling are:

•    The bag should be spacious enough to carry all your load but should be comfortable enough to carry all by yourself if the need arises.

•    If you are traveling for business purposes, make sure you pack all your suits in separate plastic jackets and then you should also keep them in order of your requirement to wear them.

•    Always pack your medicines along with a prescription so that you can get the required medicines in case you fall sick.

•    Make use of organizers to put toiletries and smaller things properly so that you do not face issues when looking for them.

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How to pack a backpack for hiking?

When you are going hiking you know that you will be out in the wilderness and will need things that provide energy and hydration and are light to carry so that you do not have too much weight on your shoulders. When you are packing your bag for hiking you should be packing by following the tips given below:

Make sure that you pack the bottom of the bag pack first

The things that will be required last during the day should be going first into the bag pack. The sleeping bag is one thing that you will require at the end of the day. Make sure that you put your sleeping bag in a plastic case and then place it in the bottom. Add other camping gear on the top.

Adjust according to weight

Make sure that you put the lightweight equipment farthest away from the back. The heaviest goods items should be placed near the middle of the back or close to the back so that there is no burden on the shoulders.

Middle of the backpack

The middle of the backpack should contain the heaviest gear(cooking gear). If you have side pockets, place your fuel there. Otherwise keep it below your food, therefore, in case even if it spills it will not spoil the food.

Top of the bag pack

The top of the bag pack should contain, lighter things or things that you may require to access frequently during the trip. Make sure you attach extra gear like umbrella, torch or a pair of gloves to the outside of your bag

How to pack a backpack for camping?

Going camping with your friends? And you plan to carry so much, but you only have one backpack to carry! So why not make it simple for yourself, by following the guidelines mentioned below:

Maintain the center of gravity

The bag should pack in such way that the center of the gravity is maintained. Keep all your heavy gears in the middle close to your back. Put lighter things like the sleeping bag at the bottom, cooking gear in the middle and the tent canopy, your clothes and food item on the top or as fillers. Packing heavy things on the outside, top or bottom can make the weight distribution uneven and cause the shoulders to be burdened.

Carry gear in accordance to need

Camping would require you to have sufficient light sources. Always carry two or more torch lights. One as an attachment to the outside, and the other inside the bag pack. Have extra batteries as well.

Keep water protected sheets

Having plastic wrappings or parachute material for your sleeping bag and tent covering can be quite helpful against adverse temperatures.

One solution for all your packing needs

The Black Light Backpack is a must have if you travel frequently. The bag is so light that you might not even feel that you are carrying something. The bag overall weighs not more than 1100 grams, and that is too less for such a gem of a backpack. The bag can be expanded from 10cm to 30 cm. The bag has nylon and Bartacked webbing that helps you add strap-ons and hookups. The bags also have padding that allows your back to feel relaxed even after carrying the load. The padding is breathable, and this prevents the back to sweat. The Molle system on the front, back and sides allow you to add attachments. The bag is capable of carrying more than 40 kgs at once. The straps have foam additions that are also breathable and therefore do not burden the shoulders.