Travel Backpack VS Hiking Backpack

Backpacks are one of the easiest ways to carry a lot of your stuff with you whenever you are traveling, be it a casual vacation trip or hiking trip. All of your traveling needs can be met when you have a hiking backpack for yourself.

Wherever and however you may be traveling, you need to pack wisely, carrying things that are important and necessary. You cannot merely pack each and everything that you may need on your trip. The items need to be selected wisely so that you can fit all your requirements into the backpack that you would be carrying. If you are vacationing there is always a chance that you will have a few more pieces of luggage with you and therefore the backpack you are taking is more of a complimentary piece of luggage. In case you are going on a hiking trip the backpack that you are carrying with you is going to carry all your luggage. The reason many people fail to differentiate between the two kinds of backpacks is the confusion created by many brands who offer these backpacks as replaceable.


Difference Between Travelling Backpack and Hiking Backpack

There are many critical differences between the two kinds of backpacks. The differences are:

The Difference in the Material

Hiking backpacks are made of more robust and stronger material which are usually, and you can very easily carry things without the fear of them getting wet or being torn easily. The most common material that is used is Cordura 500 or 1000. The material that is usually used for a traveling backpack is also theft proof as it cannot be easily cut with a blade. This prevents the backpacks from being damaged even when traveling through rugged terrain.

The traveling backpacks are built from less sturdy material usually Rexene or other such polymers. These bags may be or may not be, and hence the buyer needs to make sure when purchasing. The reason that travel backpacks are built of lesser sturdy material is their usage. They are not required to be carried into rough terrain or face harsh climatic conditions.

The Difference in Compartment and Attachments

The hiking backpacks have a lot more pockets, compartments and zipper all over the bag. They are placed according to the ease of reaching out to the content that may be required. The numerous zipper pockets and the facility to attach through netting and hooks allow extra luggage to be carried as well. During hiking, the hikers may need to place ropes, torches, pen knives or even guns handy. The pockets and compartments allow setting things where they are easy to reach out and use.

The traveling backpacks may also contain a lot of pockets or zipper attachments, but it is not a necessary feature. Traveling backpacks are usually made when people want to travel out for a day or so and therefore, they only carry stuff that is necessary to be used during the time of travel, so basically, you are not carrying the whole of your luggage in them. Hence, a lesser need of organizing things in different spots.

They Weigh Differently

The hiking packs are sturdier, but they weigh lighter. The weight of the backpack itself is not much, and this allows the hiker the ease to travel for days without finding the backpack heavy.

The travel backpacks can be a bit heavier in weights as compared to the hiking bags. They may not necessarily be required to carry for long distances. The travel backpacks usually have to undergo scrutiny at airports and the bags being heavy allows them to withstand all the throwing around that happens at every luggage terminals.

They are Partitioned Differently

The hiking backpacks usually contain lots of pockets and compartments but on the outside. The main compartment is often a one hole area where you can insert whatever you want to. People usually arrange their hiking backpacks according to weights of the things that they would be carrying. This allows systematic unpacking of the bags as and when required by people.

The travel backpacks usually have more than one zipper pockets, where people can pack according to compartments as and when they like. This gives them to plan and pack with added feasibility. The travel backpacks generally do not offer a lot of pockets on the outside, unlike the hiking backpack.

The Verdict

People can choose either of the bags as per their convenience, but it is highly recommended that whenever you are buying a backpack for hiking, you need to make sure that you are purchasing a lighter version!

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