how big is 30 litre backpack

A thirty Liter backpack is neither so big that it may cause your shoulders to ache during the hiking session and nor too small that you cannot carry every useful thing in it. Hence, it is very suitable for you if you are interested in climbing the rocks, trekking through vast fields and are a true version of a nature lover. You would never worry about where to put your water bottle, a pair of extra shoes, your sunglasses, some snacks and other items that may come handy as you climb upwards.

Usually, a thirty-litre backpack is up to 1800 cubic inches and has medium size. This is big enough to carry useful items on your 2-3 days trip or hiking.

30 Litre Backpack Dimensions

Usually, a thirty-litre backpack may consist of different dimensions, which thoroughly depend upon the person’s torso length, age and gender. Keeping all these things in view, there are multiple dimensions and types of backpacks available in market.

A 30-Liter backpack may have a length of about 48-53 cm and its width varies between 25-30 cm. It can weigh up to 1 to 1.5 kg and therefore it is considered quite capacious. It has the ability to carry a volume up to 1800 cubic inches and it may be almost 27-30 cm in depth.

A 30 liter backpack would be best for you if you have to climb for 3 days so do give it a try if you wish to do so.

30 Litre Backpack Size

The size of a backpack is usually measured in terms of its carrying capacity and volume, which is irrespective of its side pockets. It is most preferably measured in litres because this unit is very easy to remember, but sometimes it is also measured in cubic inches or in centimetres. In Cubic inches, the size is measured to be 1800 cubic inches and this is ideal for a 1-3 days trip.

Best Type of 30L Backpack

Coming to the best quality backpacks, there has been major advancement in this regard, ever since man has started taking interest in expeditions and this world has been turned in to a global village. Although there are many names that are unmatchable indeed but the best quality Back Pack which is equipped with all such properties is none other than the Black Light Back Pack, whose features are expressed as follows:


With an astounding price of $49.99 only, this backpack is the best thing you would ever lay your hands on. It is a 30 liter, Nylon interior and easy to handle backpack, which not only serves the purpose of a great Camping handler but also as an extendable bag which can be used in school, colleges, etc. It has got a lot of side pockets for placing little items that might come handy. It can expand from 10 cm to 30 cm and is made up of such material that won’t make you feel warm at all. You can even keep a laptop in it and it will not feel heavy either. Hence, it is a complete package.

The major attributes of this astounding backpack are that it has a weight of 1 kg, depth of 28cm, depth of 30 cm, and height up to 50 cm with expandable pockets. Therefore, it is lightweight but quite capacious.


30-liter backpacks are the best options for a comfortable vacation and Black Light serves as the best-known backpack known so far. Therefore, do not wait to try it and buy it for the best experience.

These backpacks are big enough to carry important items that are needed during a 2-3 days’ vacation or a small trip.