how big is 30 litre backpack

You might be thinking how much things can be feeded, and how big it looks then, let see it.

In very simple words, thirty liter isn’t a standard size backpack neither very large, it is like the size of 2 soccer balls taped together. In this size you can feed 3 pairs of jeans, 3 shirts, a 15” laptop & it’s charger, a disposable 1.5 liter bottle, an A4 size notebook, a thick novel, A rain jacket and lastly some few small gadgets. Let’s see below how a 30-liter backpack is a good size for a short trip.

First of all, how backpack liters are count?

One of the standard formulas used by majorly of backpack companies is Lengthcm X Widthcm X depthcm / 1000. The precise measurement of any essential that mentioned its size in liters can only be measured by its sewing patterns, if any user tries to measure a 30 liter backpack or other sizes by itself, it may vary the numbers. The best way to measure backpack at home is not by measuring total size at once, first of all, the measuring is done from outside, every portion and compartment sewed on the main body has to count, even the low-profile bottle pockets too. Lastly, if any feature of the backpack allows you to clip or hold things along the body of the main backpack also counts.

Can we use 30-liter size as an everyday use backpack?

The regular everyday use backpack size between 16 to 26 liters, if a 30 liter backpack has comparison straps on sides and bottom, it can be then used in everyday routine by comparison down its total size. Thirty liter backpack is a perfect size for travel, hiking, survived, and Airsoft games between 1 to 5 liters there isn’t any notable difference and is the best size to fit inside the airplane’s overhead lockers. There are backpacks which have fix expandable size, it is possible by releasing the zipper when backpack become bulky, this also increases the literage of backpack.

How much weight a 30-liter backpack have?

Some backpacks in the market are padded with foam and polyethene sheets to protect equipment and retain the shape of backpack, these padded backpacks easily weight between 4lbs to 6lbs, on the other side if a backpack is made of weather-resistant fabrics without any padding it can weigh between 1lbs to 2.5lbs.

Which is the best backpack, from the perspective of 30-liters size, money and weight?

Alpinebear’s black-light backpack has been designed to comply with all 3 things, 2.2lbs weight, 34 liter size, great price, and additionally so durable that it can lift more than 40 kilograms (88Lbs). this is an easy to use backpack, with great details & quality and lastly comes with a 30-Day money back guarantee.

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