Anyone who has traveled around the world will tell you that it is a very humbling experience. Not only does it teach people about the new traditions and cultures, but also opens up their mind. It helps destroy stereotypes which is a great help in the war against racism. Travelling is also a great way to learn to be independent. This is because, on a trip, you cannot afford the luxury of being lazy, or have people do your work for you. You must keep a schedule of your activities and take responsibility for yourself. It is these ways (and many other) that traveling transforms you and teaches you to be a better person.

Things to consider before buying lightweight backpack

Over the past couple of years, the concept of minimalism has become very popular. People are starting to embrace the thought of not buying stuff that they do not use as frequently and throwing out unnecessary stuff. This idea has also creeped into other fields, and the field of traveling is one. This form of traveling is called backpacking because people carry so little that it could fit inside a backpack, and indeed it does. This does not only reduce the luggage and make traveling easier but ensures reliance on the surroundings. This reliance is the best thing that can happen to someone seeking to learn independence.


As high as traveling is, backpacking is the best way to learn from your travels, so when you do decide to go backpacking, always remember to get an excellent lightweight backpack. The top 5 things to consider before you do choose to get a backpack are:

  1. The frame: Backpacks are supported by a proper frame, which is made up of metallic strips and rods. These strips and rods are responsible for the high strength of the bag. The catch here is that there are two types of frames. The first is an internal frame. This frame is hidden inside the bag. The entire frame lies inside the bag. On the other hand, there is the external frame. In this type of frame, the metal rods and strips are not hidden and are visible. It is usually preferred that a backpack with an internal frame be bought. The internal frame prevents the rods from getting caught up in anything. Besides, the bag is much slimmer and hence, much lighter. Also, make sure that you go for a carbon fiber frame instead of any other.

  2. Compartments: The bag must have a great many compartments. So even If you are taking as little as possible, it could at least be as arranged as possible. Multiple compartments also ensure that none of your tiny belongings get lost, which could mean a lot in an emergency.

  3. Shoulder Straps: When you decide to go on a backpacking trip, keep in mind that everything you take with you will be on your shoulders. So, when buying a backpack, make sure that you choose a backpack that is as easy on your shoulders as possible. This will happen when you buy a backpack with padded shoulder straps. The padded shoulder straps will make all the difference between your shoulders hurting, so choose carefully.

  4. The Back: As is the case with shoulder straps, the back follows the same idea. You should look to buy a backpack with a padded back. The padded back will not only be more comfortable but also make sure that your back stays healthy. Be extra vigilant to this detail since your back health is crucial not only for the trip but your entire life ahead.

Price: The most critical factor is the price. The price can make or break a deal. A good backpack costs anywhere between a $1000 to $2000 depending on what you decide to buy. The more the features, the higher the price but everything depends upon your preference.

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