5 Best Lightweight Backpacks for Travel & Hiking in 2019

Alongside the Lightweight feature don’t miss the super powers and tech compatibilities these backpacks offer.

People like to read about backpacks before they spend money, all backpacks are not made for travel and this is very true that choosing a right backpack for right purpose is what they are made for. From super heavy lifter to great tech support here every backpack is explained in detail and made by Alpinebear Inc. The diagrams and pictures you will really blow your mind, which will help you to understand which specific backpack fits your desired purpose.

1) Black-Light Backpack

Alpinebear® decided to make a backpack which has 2 core features, first of all it should weight around 2 pounds and extremely durable, so it can lift up to 88 pounds. Finally, we created this backpack in year 2017, we got inspiration from Military backpacks which are made for very tough conditions and can carry loads of equipment in any climate and environment. The name Black-light represents its black color and light weight feature, before I explain about the durability its important to know that all materials used in this backpack are 100% nylon which is 10 times better than polyester. Check this durability video, we used dumbbells of different weights outside and inside the backpack, then later the demonstrator even ran to prove that black-light backpack do not gave up and passed all limits.

What makes this backpack unique and important than other brands?

Black-Light backpack is 34 liters and is so well organized that every portion to portion it facilitates user to locate things without wasting time. Many backpacks have 1 main portion to store everything, in our contest this was the most criticized thing people shared with us, we didn’t want to give people what they hate, so we went to make 4 different portions with 4 different size that can help them store things separately and well organized. The nylon webbing outside the backpack are strongly stitched which hold plenty of accessories while on the move. We want people to fill backpack and then make it heavy, and one of the best features that make Black-light backpack unique from others is its total weight which is only 2.2 lbs., otherwise if backpacks are weight to 6 or 7 lbs. then how much extra can you expect after loading your stuff.

Materials and Quality

Backpack is made of 100% nylon fabric with nylon webbing surrounding the entire backpack. YKK® zippers are used inside this backpack which are the top-quality in the industry and all zip sliders contain glove friendly puller. High quality plastic buckles and straps keep backpack secure for longer period of time and this entire backpack only weights 1100 grams (1.1kg or 2.2 Lbs). Embossed Air vent keeps the circulation of air during travel and there is also a hidden Velcro pocket at the backside of embossed air vents.

Is Black-light suitable for Travel and Hiking both?

The answer is yes, but I shall be explaining this in detail instead of 1 simple answer. As explained before that each portion has its different size, so let’s began from the main compartment and storage options. Inside this 49X27X14 space there is 1 Velcro pocket along with 2 tall mesh sleeves, this big portion’s walls aren’t stiff padded, this allow bulky items to get packed without blocking space. This portion open complete 180 degree, this help to organize things more easily, and in case of any loose space in this portion simply adjust by compression straps to keep things skintight. Picture below help you explain what general things can be added and how well you can also organize things by yourself too.

For a short hiking trip, 3 pieces Shirts, 1 piece rain jacket, a cooking kit, and 2 pair of pants. The mesh and Velcro pockets are to keep some specific things separate from mixing against rest of stuff.

This Lightweight Backpack has multiple portions, inside the middle portion there are also 2 mesh pockets and enough space to easily pack stuff for travel and hiking. This 27X8X42.5 portion is accessible by zipper which is tall enough to facilitate many items, incase of any loose space in this portion simply adjust by compression straps to keep things skintight. Picture below help you explain what general things can be added and how well you can also organize things by yourself too.

A short hiking trip can be planned by 2 pair of Socks, A first Aid kit, Toiletry kit, Water purification kit, few snacks and sunscreen, users can organize the stuff according to their need in this big tall space.

Lastly there are 2 different pockets on the very front, that provide handful of space to keep small items like, multitool, bugs spray and etc., lower portion also have small size slots to keep mini notes and few pens. Entire backpack is surrounded by strong stitched webbing at a distance of 31mm, this webbing design is often called Molle system, which help users to organize many clampable items at any place and there are Molle compatible pouches which can be simply installed over these backpacks to expand space. Below diagram is a great example for user to understand, users can well organize space according to their trip. Lower side of the backpack also has compression straps which are adjusted to remove the empty space inside, but they are even used to hold bulky items like sleeping bags and more.

All left for you trip is some of your desired snacks, gadgets, tools and hydration, backpack also have a secret pocket at the very back, where you can also keep some valuables in a tall empty space.

A short recap about Black-light Backpack

Black-light Backpack is very durable and lightweight backpack this 1.1kg (2.2lbs) machine can lift up to 40 KG (88lbs). This lightweight backpack has multiple pockets and portions within it’s 34 liter size. Surrounded by strongly stitched (bartacked) webbing to clip gadgets and hiking equipment for instant access along with compression straps sides and bottom to release empty space inside. Backpack can hold 17” laptop in the main compartment along with a mini iPad pro inside the Velcro pocket. Through this complete guide from backpacking to the technical details if you have any questions you can write in the comments below or if you like to buy one this backpack. Click here.

2) University 1.0 Backpack

According to the growing demands of travelers, Alpinebear® made this backpack with all important features in an affordable price with 3 years guarantee. University 1.0 Backpack comes in 2 fine colors, its durability and 30-literage size allow you to store plenty of cloths, gadgets and lot of other stuff for example camera equipment. This Backpack’s structure and design keeps user comfortable over short and long period travels.

What makes this backpack unique and important than other brands?

For frequent travelers or anti-travelers this backpack can bring a lot of change and a better experience. Alpinebear® designed this travel companion to facilitate people travelling on Airplane, Train or public transport, choosing high quality materials and forming protection against worst weather conditions this backpack help to protect user’s tech items and important documents. For sticking backpack on the luggage’s trolley handle a slot at the backside allow user to keep as secure as possible. Expandable side pockets are elasticized and can spread to not only store a water bottle but also a tripod. Featuring a SLR camera compatible pocket on the hood which is easily accessible by a zipper, a zippered pocket on the front which can store good amount of items and lastly the most unique quick access portion has been specially designed for keeping a book or notes, on the very front between the main body and front pocket there is a slot to store your readable and an elastic loop with Velcro® to avoid felling things away.

Materials and Quality

This simple cylindrical shape backpack is made of Ripstop 100% Polyester with water and weather resistant coating. Backpack is soft padded with 4mm and 6mm material, which gives protection to fragile equipment & tech items. Backpack is designed with few quick access pockets on the exterior to organize most frequently used items and within it’s simple construction main portion is simply accessed by 2 plastic buckles and secondly a zipper which again prevents interior stuff against dust and water from floating inside. Surface of backpack is padded and covered with a high-quality synthetic leather, this material not only enhance lifetime of backpack but also resist against rigid surfaces.

Is University Backpack also suitable for Hiking?

There is a whole lot of space inside the University Backpack, organizing cloths or toiletry is what every hiker’s does and we designed this backpack in such a way that no hiker turns away, when they see this backpack for short trips. Good Materials and high-quality for hiking were our main consideration during production, this backpack only weigh 900 grams and can lift what else added for life on move. Soon when we launched this backpack many people got interested and shared their experience with us, we also made few modifications for more better experience.

3) Travel Nest Backpack

As travelling is becoming easier day by day, we never found a backpack that is super convenient for urban traveling. In this 43 Liter backpack there is a mesh wall which divides interior into 2 portions, at one side remain your wearables and on the other side your tech equipment. The most important thing is the front zippered mesh wall on the exterior, which users can utilize in organizing used or dirty clothes and in other cases fresh food and editable items can also be stored while on the move. Backpack has universal handle that allow you to grab from any side, very helpful especially when pulling the backpack from the overhead compartments. Organized with new secret pockets for securing valuables and multiple quick access portions on different sides to access frequently used documents or passport.

What makes this backpack unique and important than other brands?

Often backpacks are designed but companies have to sacrifice over shape to deliver features and safety but this time keeping all under umbrella we created a gorgeous looking backpack. There are 2 different ways to access the main compartment, first is the quick access from the top, to grab any tech equipment or documents. The Second way to access is from backside, when unzipped the backside flips a complete 180 degree, this allow users to organize clothes or camera equipment behind the additional mesh wall. Many travel enthusiasts carry foldable drones and it has now become their important travel instrument, our travel nest backpack also features a specific pocket only designated to add drone and the radio controller. This backpack is approved as a carry on luggage by TSA and European airline standards, but this backpack is not that simple, we designed it to directly check in as your standard luggage with 2 safety measures applied, covering backpack with a free provided rain cover and tucking in all shoulder and waist straps to avoid getting damage.

Materials and Quality

Travel Nest Backpack is made with high quality materials and branded components. Outershell is made of 100% polyester with weather resistant coating, all zippers are smooth and long lasting from YKK® and high quality Dura-Flex® buckles together to give a great performance. All sides of backpack have soft padding which protects fragile equipment against damages and soft padded universal handle on the outside is bartacked and allow users to grab backpack from any side. Soft foam cut down to a 3D Shape to ensure best ventilation possible though intensive use of backpack. Soft mesh applied for better comfort and wet absorb purposes, if caused while travelling. Shoulder straps are made simple and are way easier to apply then you ever experienced before, with a Hook & Loop Velcro and snap button it’s quickly adjustable too.

Is University Backpack also suitable for Hiking?

Construction and comfort level of this backpack makes this a great backpack for Hiking, made from Rip-stop Polyester Outershell this also comes with a free rain cover. There has been special measures taken over the design of Travel Nest to fulfil many important hiking tasks, under the backpack bartacked Molle system allow users to hang bulky items, universal handle has slots on specific places to add hangable or clip able items like Bluetooth speaker, waist straps are softly padded and easily adjustable with snap buttons and more over Travel nest is 43 liter in size with allow users to store plenty of items according to their travel time.

4) Falcon Backpack

The Name has been inspired by its aerodynamic shape and this 35 Liter backpack is a solid piece of Alpinebear® light weight creativity. Made of water-resistant and high-quality materials the Falcon backpack has 2 main portions with 4 pockets on the outside. Main portion consist of 75% of entire backpack’s space with cyan color interior for better visibility, where as the other potion is located at the backside with enough padding and space that can securely store valuables like laptop (15.6”) or tablets. Weatherproof pocket on the top of backpack functions as a quick access to store valuables like cellphone.

What makes this backpack unique and important than other brands?

Falcon Backpack’s design and construction gives faster access to things store inside, by opening 2 plastic buckles user can simply add or remove things from the main compartment without any zipper irritation. Price and quality which this backpack offers is a great deal and isn’t comparable with any other brand. A bottle sleeve hides inside a low-profile zipper pocket on the side of backpack, which is constructed by that way to support aerodynamic shape of this backpack. Unlike other market products the Falcon Backpack has super soft shoulder straps that don’t become uncomfortable even after hours of non-stop usage.

Materials and Quality

The Outershell is made of 100% Polyester with weather resistant coating and YKK® zippers on multiple portions of the backpack. Entire backpack is padded from all 4 sides for protection of fragile equipment and super soft padding inside shoulder straps help user to say comfortable even after hours of non-stop work. The sternum strap is height adjustable with a high-quality buckle from ITW NEXUS® also include a whistle to catch attention. Backpack has cyan color interior, which increases visibility in low light circumstances and a small sleeve inside the main compartment keeps partial user equipment from mixing with other items. YKK® Weatherproof zipper on the exterior functions as a quick access portion to store valuables like cellphone or any tech equipment, whereas laptop or tablet compartment at very back isn’t weather-resistant but when hiking this portion can be used to store water bladder for hydration fulfilment.

Is Falcon Backpack also suitable for Hiking?

Falcon is big and the best backpack for hiking, it packs enough gear for a short trip up to 3 days and its light weight weather-resistant body is what every hiking enthusiast need for a short trip. For hikers who often travel with pets this falcon backpack has attention seeking whistle sternum strap which is very helpful tool.

Shoulder straps are designed super comfortable which every hiker need, if a user is trekking over an incline or decline surface falcon’s construction provide them a great amount of comfort. The aerodynamic shape of backpack provides a unique experience with highest quality possible.

5) Bird Nest Backpack

Alpinebear’s best seller and only 23 Liter backpack has a large number of features with light weight structure. Birdnest was launched in 2018 with unique features that don’t come in other brand’s backpacks, majority of backpacks offer similar features, but Alpinebear® Bird Nest backpack was designed to fulfil needs of tech enthusiasts, fitness, Travel, and lot more. For Fitness enthusiasts a mesh wall on the front is dedicated to store wet clothes and at bottom the zipper compartment releases a mesh pocket where shoes or runners can be securely stored without consuming additional space inside the backpack. For everyday users Bird Nest backpack has great organizations inside and outside the body, with all sides protected against fall this backpack is best option to store fragile equipment.

What makes this backpack unique and important than other brands?

Bird Nest Backpack offers a new secret pocket, unlike typical backpacks of other brands, with a variety of quick access pockets that give a surprising experience when used as first glance. If it is a tech equipment or some documents this lightweight backpack is protected from all sides and is a light water-resistant too. The Dual portions on the front are designed to function in a different way, the mesh wall is dedicated for wet applications like clothes, fruits and food, then behind mesh compartment there is another portion separated by a waterproof fabric, to store documents or valuables all this facilitate users unlike any other backpack in the market. On the bottom there is a zipper compartment which releases a mesh fabric to insert shoes and store securely by pulling elastic cords. Users can now charge their gadgets through wire management and power banks, devices stored inside in the main portion can be charged directly through wire passage slot connected from power bank stored outside in the exterior portion of the backpack. A video of the backpack can guide properly if you get confused then click here.

Materials and Quality

Bird Nest Backpack is made of 100% Polyester Rip-Stop Fabric with weather-resistant coating, high quality YKK® zippers are lockable and long lasting. Backpack is padded with 4mm sheets all over and protects all fragile equipment if stored inside. Backpack has 1 main organization along with few pockets outside, giving quick access to passport size items from top, stretchable mesh pocket on side to insert cylindrical liquid container, bottom mesh pocket to store shoes and high-quality mesh portion on front. For holding keys in this mesh portion there is a key loop on the top and at the same place, we designed a unique secret pocket to store cash or valuables. Soft mesh applied for better comfort and wet absorb purposes, if caused while travelling. Shoulder straps are made simple and are way easier to apply then you ever experienced before, with a Hook & Loop Velcro and snap button it’s quickly adjustable too.

Is Bird Nest Backpack also suitable for Hiking?

This backpack is best made for Day hiking, 23 Liters in size this backpack is lightweight and comfortable to us. Backpack is lightly water-resistant but gives a unique experience with plenty of features that every hiker need. Mesh compartment on front side is the food’s heaven on Hike day, extra pair of shoes can be carried inside the lower mesh compartment without consuming interior space of the backpack. When sweating the soft padded mesh at back keeps high air circulation in order to make user journey’s comfortable. Backpack has plenty of quick access pocket on the exterior and users have variety of choices to organize their frequently used equipment. The padded surface of backpack keeps fragile equipment protected against unknown risks during travel.